For Ladies Who Are Ready to Lose the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Weight of Life & Starting Living Fully 

The Best Opportunity To Change Your Future...

“An Intimate Group of Ladies Losing ALL the Weight & Getting Healthy"

...And I’m Personally Inviting You To Be One Of Them!”

Join A Small Group Of Women ... And Ditch the Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Heaviness to Become the Healthiest You!

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Limited Spots Available

If You Want To Consistently Lose Weight And Get Healthy in Your Life By Working Directly With Me (Dr. Emily) And Other Empowered Ladies, Then My Healthy Me PhD Program Is For You!

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The Healthy Me PhD Coaching Program

Was created for two reasons:

– The Science of Getting Healthy –

You've been told LOTS of conflicting information about what it means to get healthy while you lose weight. Most of it is cookie-cutter and doesn't accommodate for YOU. That approach leaves you bouncing on and off track and, eventually, heavier and unhealthier than before you started.  

Working with your body and Dr. Emily to maximize your health and weight loss results will change that. We will evaluate & improve ALL aspects of your health: body, mind, and spirit. 

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– Getting Healthy in Your Life –

Getting healthy while you lose weight is simple, in theory. It takes getting physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy in your real life to be the Healthy Me PhD you were meant to be. 

That means taking on the parts of you that hold you back and keep you turning to food. Working with Dr. Emily and a small group of women like you provides the safe space to get healthy in every aspect of your life from your physical body to your life-limiting stories to your relationship with your life. Let's safely go there together and create your healthiest future.   

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What Is The

Healthy Me PhD Program?

As you probably saw from the awesome video above, the Healthy You Program is an empowered group of like-minded ladies who are consistently losing weight... energized by and in control of their weight loss results ... and living their healthiest life!

And I Want YOU To Be Part Of This Exclusive Group!

In 12 Weeks, You'll:

  • Lose 10% for your health
  • Master control of your #1 unhealthy relationship (that may be with food, yourself, faith, finances, purpose, or other people)
  • ​Create healthy connections with ladies like you

Here's How:

  • 2 Day Healthy You Foundation Reset: with Dr. Emily and your small group to unravel your unhealthy foundations and create a reset framework
  • Monthly Small Group Session: To explore common goals for the month and support each other in growth
  • 1:1 Sessions with Dr. Emily: To heal physically, mentally, and spiritually and hit your goals


  • HSA/FSA Eligible
  • ​To establish medically while in the program, you will need to be in the state of Kansas. If that's not workable, Dr. Emily will coach on that aspect and work with your Doctor for treatment options. 
  • ​There is a spiritual element to this program. If healthy faith is not a desired outcome for you, this is not the program for you. 
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Even if right now, you can’t say you 100% believe in yourself... 

it’s OK.

We were all there at one point, too... and that’s why I created the Healthy Me PhD Program: an intimate, small group of real women like you that do nothing but champion you and your journey to getting healthy across the finish line!!


Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Meet Some of Our Amazing Small Group Success Stories

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Lindsey M

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Renee R

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Mary E

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Carla J

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Debbie C

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Brandi B

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Dymond S

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Kelly T

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Jen H

Rochelle Splii Screen jpg

Rochelle L

Sarah Split Screen jpg

Sarah M

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Sara M

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Kristi S

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Kay M

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Lindsay & Debbie C

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Additionally, When You’re Part Of Dr. Emily's Healthy Me PhD Program,

Not Only Do We Get Healthy, Lose Weight, And Embrace

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What We Learn In Our Weight Loss Journeys For A Healthy Future...

...but we also share incredible, bonding experiences where we create accountability, camaraderie, and long-lasting healthy friendships!

Healthy relationships are KEY to a thriving life...

And Every Group Is Created to Foster Healthy Trust and Authentic Connection. 

When You’re Part Of Dr. Emily's Healthy Md PhD Program,

We Not Only Coach Weight Loss, We Also Transform Your Life to Become the Healthiest You!

The Healthy Me PhD Program

Is The Ultimate Step-By-Step Process For Healthy You Weight Loss Success

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Now’s your opportunity to TAKE IT.

Drop the stories that hold you back. End the heaviness of failures, unhealthy relationships, and a life of pleasing others while you blend into the background. Find your passion and God's purpose in YOUR life. Lose the weight. Get Healthy. Become the Healthy YOU. 

  • Master your Healthy Me (Not Lovable Sidekick, Doormat, Go-to Girl, Easy Button, Good Girl) Identity within 2 days with YOUR Individualized Healthy Me Foundation Reset
  • ​Hit your 10% weight loss goal in the next 3 months
  • ​Repair the #1 Unhealthy Relationship in Your Life  
  • ​Uplevel your health with an MD, your life with a coach, and your weight loss results with a group like no other 

So when I say,

THIS is the Only way to Master Being the Healthiest YOU...”

I really mean it.

Dr. Emily's Healthy Me PhD Program is made for the ladies who've tried it all. For the ladies who believe enough to start but haven't figured out how to actually get there. 

Your future does not have to be limited by your weight. You don't have to be a marathon runner or nutritionist who loves dry chicken breasts to get there. You just have to become the healthiest version of what God made YOU.  

There is no better time than now to get healthy, lose the weight, and start living fully. 

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