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I help women go from overeating, overnumbing, and overmedicating to spiritual, mental, and physical health. 

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Wonder Why Healthy Changes Never Seem to Stick for You?

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Dr. Emily's Healthy Me Reset

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Kick Those Unhealthy Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Habits with the Simplest Path to Reset

The Fasting Flock

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The Healthy Me Reset Starts with Spiritual Health! Grab my FREE Tool to Assess Yours & Share with Your Doctor

The Spiritual Assessment

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Speed Up Your Healthy Me Reset with Dr. Emily's Individualized Support

The Healthy Me pHd Program

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Real Expert. Real Life. 

Meet Dr. Emily...

Through her medical, coaching, and spiritual practices, Dr. Emily VinZant has empowered hundreds of women to get healthy in real life.   

Dr. Emily is a health expert: she is an MD certified in Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine and a Life Coach School certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. She's on a mission to get healthy in modern life and help other women do the same.  

She's tried it all (really, the diets, the medications, and even surgery) and knows the struggles that lead to repeated failures... and how to create a foundational reset that will give you next level success.

You deserve more.
She will help you create it. 

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Get To Know Dr. Emily

Real Expert. Real Life.


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Exhausted and overwhelmed by changing 

ALL Those Unhealthy Habits? 

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Know You've Got to Change Something to Get Healthy?

Building up the energy and motivation to get healthy is exhausting. You know you've got to do something to have any semblance of a healthy future but the process feels miserable and overwhelming.  You can't live this way but you can't seem to get more than short-term limited results. There is a better option. 

  • Do you feel like an endless willpower failure?
  • Do you tell yourself you know what to do but you just don't stick to it?
  • Are you frustrated that you've wasted so much energy, money, and time with no lasting results to show?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you start strong but get derailed by life?

Real Women

Real Results

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"I lost 110 lbs.  I never restricted myself, spent hours at the gym, or neglected my family. It didn't even feel like a diet."


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"I lost 32 lbs. Snacking isn't even appealing to me now. I corrected my cholesterol. And I feel lighter, competent, and confident."


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"I lost 49 lbs. I was at the point of almost conceding to all life's circumstances. The coaching tools I learned made the difference."



The Healthy Me Reset

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Episode 2: Season 2 - 3 Simple Questions to Start Your Reset 
The Healthy Me Reset doesn't mean adding to an overly busy schedule. It's not a to-do list of activity. It's changing unhealthy habits with lightness and passion, finding peace, strength, and comfort. It's understanding why we turn to unhealthy habits and changing where we turn instead. Listen To More

Episode 120- What are You Hungry for?
For me, it was food. I was using food to distract myself from the real hunger: for acceptance, connection, family, love. When I recognized that food didn't fix that hunger, I overcame my weight battle. But life kept showing me the layers of hunger underneath it. The hunger to be seen, be picked, to matter led to this unraveling. 
Listen To More

Episode 110 - The Best Weight Loss Tools of 2024
Want the insider scoop on the best tools for losing weight in 2024? I've got them. As an MD and coach, I'm sharing the stats AND the insider scoop on who they work best for, how they work, and how long they will last. Listen To More


Healthy Me Reset Programs

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Wonder Why Healthy Changes Never Stick?

Get My FREE Guides in The Fasting Flock! The Fasting Flock will help you create your Healthy Me Reset spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

You will learn:

  • ​How to change your relationship with God to be spiritually healthy no matter your past.
  • The keys to kicking those unhealthy habits that drain your energy, your mind, and your life. 
  • ​The Highest Level Tools to create physical health in a world that is endlessly selling you short-term solutions, supplements, and medication changes.
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Master your health goals: stop overeating, overworking, overspending, overparenting, overcontrolling, and chasing things that don't matter. And starting living your passion and purpose. Work with Dr. Emily to create your Healthy Me Reset:

  • ​Spiritual Health: go from following the church rules to a true friendship with God
  • Mental Health: stop overthinking, worrying yourself sick, and numbing out and start living with passion and purpose
  • ​Become the authority of your physical health so you can stop chasing meds, those endless thoughts at night, and running from your life. 
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Ditch the Past & Get Healthy for YOUR Future​

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